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An UnCommon Core, Abigail’s one-woman show about teaching, was recently part of NYC’s Fresh Fruit Festival.

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From An UnCommon Core:
the spoken word journey of one middle school classroom
by Abigail Swetz

Some days
I look out over my students
and I see hungry minds.

These are not the kids
who scream
for more standardized exams
who advocate
for studying test-taking strategies
who ask
for state-sanctioned leveled texts
because those kids do not exist.

Which is why
some days
I look out over my students
and I close my plan book
and I shut my door
and I open my eyes
to the lessons they really
need to learn
no matter what
the Common Core
deems worthy of my curriculum.

At their core
my students know
the most important question
they can ask
is why
and the most important action
they can take
is to challenge people’s expectations
and the most important lesson
they can learn
is how to respectfully disagree
while holding true to themselves.

There is much
to bemoan in
the current state
of our education system.

But none of it
is the students.

They deserve a celebration.

Come join me
and see why.

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