Video: Never Have I Ever – a poem about family, love, and COVID-19

Video: Are Domestic Violence Victims Being Locked Out?

In our state, 87 percent of the unmet requests for help from domestic violence survivors are for housing, but Wisconsin is still falling short of resources and policies addressing that need. Abby Swetz, policy and systems analyst at End Domestic Abuse Wisconsin, joins us to talk about the intersection of domestic violence and homelessness.

Video: Code Red, Scene 11 from An UnCommon Core by Abigail Swetz

Op-Ed: Women’s Voices Matter, and I’m using mine to vote for Tammy Baldwin

In my office as a citizen, the first and easiest step I can take is to vote. I encourage you to join me. This year, in the Wisconsin Senate race, I will vote for women. Because I am not an object; I am a woman. And I will vote for Sen. Tammy Baldwin.

Know Your Madisonian: Teacher built trust through vulnerability

As a teacher, Abigail Swetz provided a safe space for her eighth graders. But she didn’t want to shelter them, either. “That’s a really significant tension,” she said.

Journey from the Classroom to Politics: WORT Queery Radio

Queery features local lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender news & information that affecting Madison’s LGBT community in a news magazine format.

The Curiosity Hour Podcast Interview

Season 2, Episode 29: Abigail Swetz

Dan Sterenchuk and Tommy Estlund are honored to have as our guest, Abigail Swetz. Abigail is in transition. A public school teacher for the past 7 years, she believes teaching is the most powerful job in the world and yet has decided to leave the classroom to try and make change of a different sort. This fall, she will begin her studies at the La Follette School of Public Affairs with the intent to enter government or nonprofit advocacy work. In the meantime, Abigail is also a poet, a feminist, a believer in the inherent worth and dignity of all, and partner to an amazing human being. And at heart, she will always be a teacher.